Deploying Mobile WiMAX, Max Riegel, Aik Chindapol, Dirk Kroeselberg

Deploying Mobile WiMAX, Max Riegel, Aik Chindapol, Dirk KroeselbergFocusing on the foundation and interactions among components of Mobile WiMAX, Deploying Mobile WiMAX illustrates scenarios of network and radio technology. This book enables readers to utilise the flexibility of IP-based mobile broadband access networks with the scalable OFDMA radio interface. Describing the principles of the Releases 1.0 and 1.5 network and air interface specifications, it also identifies the technical challenges of integrating Mobile WiMAX, and examines its future enhancements. The underlying principles behind the WiMAX network specifications are provided, allowing network designers to decide which features and options to use when planning deployments. Introduces the fundamentals of Mobile WiMAX deployments within both new and established telecommunications networks Explains the rationale behind the Mobile WiMAX network and radio specifications enabling designers to make use of all applicable features Sets out the major building blocks of the topic and acts as a general reference for developers Utilizes the latest Release 1.5 network and radio specifications of the WiMAX Forum Written by expert authors who have actively contributed to the design of the fundamental concepts adopted in the standardized specifications Обо всём этом и не только в книге Deploying Mobile WiMAX (Max Riegel, Aik Chindapol, Dirk Kroeselberg)

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